The keyword is EQUILIBRIUM. This means that the CO2 pressure is in balance with the beer temperature. You must adjust the CO2 pressure to be in balance with the temperature. Many users don’t know how to do the adjustment precisely and then the problems start. If the Co2 pressure is too high according to the beer temperature, the beer gets over carbonated. It can happen overnight or in a few hours. If, for example, the temperature in the beer falls 10 degrees and CO2 pressure has not been adjusted accordingly, which means that the CO2 pressure is 0,8 bar higher than it should be, injecting too much CO2 into the beer keg and the beer gets over carbonated producing too much foam. With too much foam there is no way to serve a perfect draft beer. However with DraftMore over carbonation will never happen.

The DraftMore, which DraftMore ApS has developed and obtained the World Wide patent for, makes the adjustment of the pressure automatically. The advantages of this are countless!
On the attached graph you can see what DraftMore is doing automatically.