DraftMore – the draught beer revolution

The only fully automatic CO2 pressure regulator in the world
Ready to use in minutes – an average of €150 savings per month

Why it’s worth it:

Your beer is always perfectly poured
After easy assembly you tap the perfect beer with an optimal head. The beer stays fresh and of the best quality from the first to last glass – just like it left the brewery.
You minimise the drip tray usage
DraftMore automatically adapts the CO2 pressure of the draught system to every situation and temperature. There is nothing that has to be set manually and you won’t lose a single drop of beer.
You save money daily
Due to the small amount of beer wastage, you maximise your profit. Your investment in DraftMore is normally paid off in a few weeks. The higher your beer consumption, the quicker your profit increases.

How does DraftMore work?

The head on your draught beer is too big? The quality of the beer decreases towards the end of the keg? There is often beer leftover in the keg? The reason for these things is the wrong CO2 pressure to your hand pump, often caused by variations in temperature. DraftMore solves all these problems in one.

DraftMore is the first fully automatic CO2 pressure regulator that ensures constant optimum CO2 pressure for your hand pump, regardless of the temperature.

Once installed, DraftMore solves all problems:

  • You reduce your beer wastage to a minimum and save money daily
  • Thanks to the optimum carbonation, your beer is always fresh and tasty
  • No tricky manual setting needed to regulate your draught system
  • Your beer always has a perfect head
  • Temperature changes never lead to the wrong CO2 pressure

In short: you solve all your draught beer problems and maximise your turnover 

Draftmore Produkt

The advantages at a glance:

No more need for a drip tray

Beer wastage is minimised – no beer left in the keg.

Maximum profit

You maximise your turnover. A possible 15% more profit per keg.

Automatic regulation

No more manual setting of the CO2 pressure necessary.

Save money every day

An average €150 per month saving with DraftMore.

Quick recoupment of investment

Your investment in DraftMore is usually paid off in a matter of weeks.

Perfect beer every time

Your beer is always perfectly tapped, regardless of the temperature.

Simple installation

DraftMore takes 5 minutes to install. No maintenance work required.

No more over carbonating

Automatic adjustment of CO2 pressure. A proper pour can be achieved.

How did DraftMore come about?

We constantly heard from restaurant and bar owners or event organisers that they have problems with their draught systems. The beer is over carbonated or doesn’t taste fresh anymore, beer gets left in the keg and the CO2 pressure has to be adjusted manually. We realised that all the typical problems to do with tapping beer are connected to the CO2 pressure. So we came up with the idea of developing a universal solution. The result is DraftMore, the first fully automatic CO2 pressure regulator in the world. DraftMore was developed by us and produced in Denmark according to the highest standards of quality together with the company Danfoss.

Why is CO2 pressure so important?

CO2 pressure depends on the temperature of the beer (saturation pressure). The warmer the beer, the more pressure is needed and vice versa. Beer is subjected to high variations in temperature, especially in summer and the pressure ratio needs to be manually adjusted. The wrong CO2 pressure leads to good beer being left in the keg, which leads accordingly to loss of income. The DraftMore keg coupler attachment automatically deals with all necessary pressure adjustments. Try it. The advantages of DraftMore speak for themselves.


The right DraftMore for your beer types

In order to achieve the best possible results for each different type of beer, DraftMore is available in different versions. For example, wheat beer contains more CO2 than pilsner. Typical English beers need very little CO2. In order to achieve ideal carbonation for each type of beer, there are six different versions of DraftMore. Simply choose the correct version for your range of beer. If you are unsure which DraftMore is right for you, please check out our table of beers.

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