Save time and money on each draft beer you serve

DraftMore Automatic C02 Regulator – Reduce wastage and maximize earnings.

Save money with DraftMore every day 

Average savings on 150 Eur/month 

Return on investment in less than 1 month 

Easy to install one on each tap. 

No more beer wastage 

No more beer foam 

No more manual adjustment ❌

No more call outs ❌


How much money do you waste – Calculate your savings

How many glasses of wasted beer do you have (0.5 l) per day
Price per glass of beer in Euro
Time for return on investment in month 0
Extra earning per month(Euro) 0

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Video with product introduction and advantage of using DraftMore

Video with installation guide of DraftMore

Video from American TV show – DraftMore on World Greatest 


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