Does the rubber lip valve integrated in the DraftMore has a function?
Yes, it is very important, do not remove it. It allows the CO2 into the beer, but only one way. It is closed the other way, to protect the DraftMore from cleaning fluid etc.


I have just installed – still problems?
Have a little patience with the DraftMore. It might have been heated up by your hand, so give it 5-10 minutes to cool down and regulate the pressure. When starting to draft beers, draft 1-2 beers and the beer should be perfect.

Does the DraftMore fit a “cornelius ball lock keg”?
At the moment the DraftMore does not fit the “Cornelius ball lock keg”. Anyhow the market for these kegs are very limited.

Does DraftMore work with heavy beer brands like Guinness and Kilkenny?
No, heavy beers like Guinness and Kilkenny doesn´t work with the DraftMore, because these brands only uses very little CO2.

Does DraftMore works for weissbeer like Erdinger or Hoegaarden? How about beer with low content of CO2?

The standard version for DraftMore doesn’t work for weissbeer, however a special version is made to fit this kind of beer. We call it X-high, Please see in productoverview for more information.
For cider or other low CO2 products it all matters on the amount of gram CO2/liter. Get to know this and contact us.

Does DraftMore work with flow control systems on the tap?

Yes! For instance if the temperature of the keg is very low, the pressure of the beer is very low too, and the flow control can make the beer pour faster. Flow control does not mean that the bar cannot use DraftMore. With flow control it is almost a must to have a DraftMore in order to get the most beer out of your kegs, as it is harder to control.

My clients has a cooling room for the keg, does the DraftMore still work?

Yes, the reason to install a cold room is to keep the temperature constant. If you have a constant temperature, it´s much easier to control the draft beer. You could say that DraftMore is actually a replacement for a cold room, a very cheap replacement. Anyhow if the bar does already have a cold room you can still install the DraftMore, because during busy times, when the bar staff will go in and out of the cold room the temperature will still change by several degrees and DraftMore is giving a very accurate pressure depending on the temperature.
Another thing is that a standard reduction valve with gauges, is not very accurate and can easily misinform +/- 0.5 bar, that means the pressure is wrong set according to the temperature. This will never happen with the DraftMore.
Be aware of that if the temperature is about 5 degrees in the cooling room, the pressure is very low. You might need a beer flow control/brake brake on the tap to compensate for the low pressure. If you have this it’s no problem to use DraftMore in a cold room.

Does the DraftMore resist water?

Yes, the DraftMore is water resistant – but not water proof. It can easily take drops or water splashes; however it cannot resist being dipped in water or something similar. DraftMore is water resistant but not water proof.

Do I use more CO2 by adjusting the pressure to 3,5 bars?

Adjusting the pressure to 3,5 bars doesn’t mean that you are using more CO2 – just the opposite. By having the pressure on 3,5 bar doesn´t mean that you are using 3,5 bar. You are having just the right pressure, which means that you often use less CO2.

The DraftMore doesn’t fit on the beer dispense head. What can I do?

e DraftMore is made with the standard thread 1/2 “, 5/8 “ and 3/4 “. If it still doesn´t fit, you are most welcome to contact us.

Does the DraftMore work with a beer foam control?

DraftMore works Perfectly with a beer foam control!

Does DraftMore work in an installation with high and length distance from keg to tap?

If you have a length and/or hight distance between keg and tap you will have a pressure drop, that can affect the flow of the beer coming out of the tap. The perfect solution for a pressure drop, would be a beer pump. Unfortunately many people find it too expensive to install a beer pump. To compensate for the pressure drop, they work with a little overpressure. The result of this will be overcarbonated draft beer, foaming and impossible to control.
The DraftMore do not work with a overpressure (that´s the whole concept, too keep the beer in balance(Equilibrium)) You can install a DraftMore in all installations, but if the length/hight distance is very big the flow on the beer might be slowly. The solution is a beer pump, but actually a tap with compensator can solve the flow problem in most installations.