Installation guide

DraftMore is mounted on the keg coupler as shown on the drawing

Remember to mount the enclosed check valve between DraftMore and the keg coupler.

The check valve is a one way device allowing gas to flow only in one direction. When the C02 is not flowing the check valve seals, preventing any back flow. The check valve also prevents cleaning fluid into the system.

The enclosed spacer can be used to be able to screw the DraftMore in proper position according to the beer keg.

DraftMore is mounted on the dispense head (keg coupler). There is three different standards of threads on keg couplers World Wide 1/2 “, 5/8 “ and 3/4 “.


Read this carefully before you install the DraftMore

1. Check that the CO2 bottle is not empty! 
a. If the CO2 bottle is empty, change to new CO2 bottle.
b. If the CO2 bottle is not empty, move on to step 2. 

2. Check that the beer is cold, when coming out of the beer tap! 
a.If the beer is not cold, the cooler might be defect. Before installing the DraftMore
the bar should contact the company responsible for the draft beer cooler and fix the cooler.
b.If the beer is cold move on to step 3.

3. Check that the cooler is not blowing warm air on the DraftMore! 
a.If warm air from the cooler is blowing at the DraftMore, move the keg away from the cooler
or turn the cooler so it is blowing the warm air in another direction.
b.If this is not an object, move on to step 4. 

4. Check that the Keg is not leaking! 
a.The keg can be leaking (very unusual), especially if the draft beer is from a smaller brewery and they fill the kegs manually.
b.If the keg is tight, move on to step 5. 

5. Make sure that DraftMore and the beer keg has about same temperature.
a. If you use a keg from outside which is cold and the DraftMore is mounted on the keg with inside temperature the DraftMore can allow the wrong amount of CO2 into the beer keg. The solution is always to have some kegs inside at room temperature. This is only a problem when inside temperature and outside temperature is very different.
b. If the beer keg and DraftMore has almost the same temperature, you can install the DraftMore.

Make sure the pressure on the CO2 bottle is at least 3.5 bars. This is crucial for the functionality of the product.
You don’t need to shut off the pressure when DraftMore is installed when changing KEG. 

The DraftMore is not necessarily working on the first keg, if it´s opened, the draft beer could already be destroyed, because of the wrong CO2 pressure. It might not work correctly, before the bar changes to a new keg.
(If the DraftMore is still not working, maybe something else about the draft beer system is defect, the bar should contact the company who are responsible for the draft beer system and fix it, before installing the DraftMore)

Installation guide will also be delivered with the DraftMore.

DraftMore installed in an installation with height and length distance from keg to tap

If you have a length and/or height distance between the keg and tap, you will have a pressure drop that can affect the flow of the beer coming out of the tap. The perfect solution for a pressure drop is a beer pump. Unfortunately many users find it too expensive to install a beer pump. To compensate for the pressure drop, they work with a little overpressure. The result of this is over carbonated draft beer; foaming and impossible to control.
The DraftMore do not work with an overpressure (that´s the whole concept, too keep the beer in balance (Equilibrium). You can install a DraftMore in all installations, but if the length/height distance is very big, the flow on the beer might be slow. The solution is a beer pump, but actually a tap with compensator can solve the flow problem in most installations.

DraftMore installed in a cold room

The reason for installing in a cold room is to keep the temperature constant. If you have a constant temperature, it is much easier to control the draft beer. You could say that DraftMore is actually a replacement for a cold room – a very cheap replacement. Anyhow if the bar does already have a cold room, you can still install the DraftMore. During busy times, when the bar staff goes in and out of the cold room, the temperature will still change by several degrees and DraftMore is giving a very accurate pressure depending on the temperature.
Moreover a standard reduction valve with gauges is not very accurate and can easily misinform +/- 0.5 bars, which means that the pressure is wrong set according to the temperature. This will never happen with the DraftMore.
Be aware that if the temperature is around 5 degrees in the cooling room, the pressure is very low. You might need a beer flow control/brake on the tap to compensate for the low pressure. If you have this it is no problem to use DraftMore in a cold room.

DraftMore installed in a simple Installation

Simple installations are when kegs are placed right under or next to the tap. Fortunately these are also the most common installations worldwide.
The DraftMore will really show its function best in simple installations, because you often have big temperature variations and that´s exactly why you need a DraftMore to adjust the pressure according to the beer temperature automatically and continuously.