Technical description

It is well known that draft beer,when tapped, often gives more foam than desired. The major cause of this is due to incorrect CO2 pressure in the beer keg in relation to the temperature of the beer.
Some people adjust the CO2 pressure manually when the temperature increases or decreases, but people do not always remember to adjust it correctly. Manual adjustment can lead to over carbonated beer (too much foam) or under carbonated (flat) beer.
The solution is a DraftMore which automatically adjusts the right CO2 pressure in the beer keg depending on the temperature.
The keyword is EQUILIBRIUM. This means that the CO2 pressure is in balance with the beer temperature. You must adjust the CO2 pressure to be in balance with the temperature. Many users don’t know how to do the adjustment precisely and then the problems start. If the Co2 pressure is too high according to the beer temperature, the beer gets over carbonated. It can happen overnight or in a few hours. If, for example, the temperature in the beer falls 10 degrees and CO2 pressure has not been adjusted accordingly, which means that the CO2 pressure is 0,8 bar higher than it should be, injecting too much CO2 into the beer keg and the beer gets over carbonated producing too much foam. With too much foam there is no way to serve a perfect draft beer. However with DraftMore over carbonation will never happen.

The DraftMore, which DraftMore ApS has developed and obtained the World Wide patent for, makes the adjustment of the pressure automatically. The advantages of this are countless!

In a top pressure dispense situation the patented “DraftMore” is used as the Secondary Regulator for the system. It should be used in conjunction with a Primary Regulator, which supplies gas form the Co2 bottle at the maximum pressure permissible under the local pressure regulations. [This can be between 2.5 to 3.5 bar (36.25 to 50.7psig)]The DraftMore then adjusts the gas pressure in relation to the temperature of the beer in the keg.

DraftMore has a built-in “bellows” diaphragm which give precise control of the outlet Co2 gas pressure. Within the “bellows” is a blend of various gases, which expand or contract rapidly with any change in temperature. This is the key to the DraftMores’ sensitivity. The bellows are filled at the Danfoss laboratory facility in Nordberg Denmark. Danfoss is a world leader in the manufacture of thermostatic devices. Their co-operation in the production of DraftMore ensures quality, durability and reliability.

The DraftMore body is made from Aluminium, a highly thermally conductive material, it is designed to be fitted directly to the Keg Coupler through which the Beer flows. This ensures that the DraftMore responds rapidly to any change in Beer temperature. Should there be no beer, or if temperature is to low the Co2 will be cut off completely, thereby preventing over carbonation.

The unique features of location and temperature sensitivity give rise to the WorldWide patents on the DraftMore.

The table below shows the balance between pressure and temperature. This balance point is known as the point of equilibrium and if this is maintained the Co2 will stay in solution during dispense.

If the temperature rises above equilibrium, the Co2 comes out of solution causing flat unappetising beer. This is detrimental to quality: it is also wasteful and costly.

If the temperature falls below the equilibrium point, the Co2 is forced into solution and the beer becomes over carbonated, causing fobbing and difficulties in dispense. This again is wasteful and extremely expensive.

The DraftMore is calibrated to maintain the equilibrium point across a range of temperatures thereby maintaining beer quality, simplifying dispense, reducing waste and minimising costs.

The result: your beer is as it left the brewery, in perfect condition and of the highest quality.